How to utilise PR to generate franchise leads

It was once believed that PR didn’t generate franchise leads and it was placed at the nicety not necessity end of the franchise marketing spectrum. Then franchisors started getting smart with how they reviewed their lead sources.

In today’s consumer-savvy marketplace, more and more franchisors tell us that brochures, flyers and online listings just aren’t cutting it when it comes to engaging quality prospects and that great storytelling is the key to improving their lead conversion ratios.

PR is now considered one of the most effective franchise recruitment tools. So, how can you utilise it to your advantage?

  • Be everywhere they look: it is well known that a prospect needs to see your brand at least seven times before they will engage with you and in the case of buying a business, this is likely to be much higher. Regular, positive PR ensures that no matter what the media channel, a consistent brand message that supports your USPs can always be found. When a prospect is ready to make a decision, you’ll be first in line.
  • Set yourself as the expert: contributing to or producing your own bespoke expert editorial pieces is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Giving non-salesy, valuable advice will cement you as the industry expert in the eyes of your prospects. And let’s face it, who are they more likely to buy from?
  • Recommendations: only 14% of consumers trust advertisements. Trust in peer recommendation on the other hand tops a staggering 90%. Don’t think this trend is limited to consumer products and services. Your franchise needs to be represented by your prospects’ peers in the form of case studies and PR with strong testimonials.

As you’ve no doubt experienced for yourselves, online leads are down and something else is driving those all-important enquiries. That something else is the trust, credibility and brand awareness generated by a comprehensive and strategic PR campaign for your franchise opportunity.

Look for the great stories in your network and find a way to tell them in an engaging and newsworthy way. Understanding what matters to your ideal prospects and how to communicate with them will significantly boost your recruitment efforts.

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Harnessing the power of your consumer brand to aid franchise recruitment

No matter what sector your franchise operates within, consumer public relations that promotes your product or service is a great strategy to reach your prospective franchisees. A lot of franchisors tell us that some of their best franchise leads come from referrals and, in particular, those who have been customers of the brand.

Here are just a few reasons why consumer PR can revive the growth of your franchise network.

  • Generates awareness: providing newsworthy information to target media raises the profile of the brand, its benefits to the customer and allows the seed to be sown about the franchise opportunity itself.
  • Establishes trust and credibility: customers will begin to recognise your brand as long as you keep your messaging consistent. Highlighting just a few key benefits within your PR will create a brand identity that starts to harness brand loyalty. Franchises with loyal customers are always going to be a more attractive option to a prospective franchisee. The media savvy general public understand the difference between advertising and PR. Brands pay for advertising but editors publish or broadcast PR for free – clearly one is more credible than the other.
  • Creates “buzz”: according to Nielsen’s global research on consumer trust in what is known as “earned advertising” more than 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family and anywhere from 20-50% of purchases are the result of word-of-mouth. Clearly, consumer PR can be a catalyst for franchise referrals and that positive buzz must be an essential part of your recruitment strategy.

So, consumer PR for your brand has a two-fold result that many franchisors should consider – especially when their consumer and franchise recruitment teams can often be working as two completely separate teams. Get more customers and receive more of those quality franchise referrals by combining your PR efforts.

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Rev PR opens its doors for business

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Rev PR, the PR company that moves your brand forward through effective PR campaigns and marketing activities. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the franchise industry in the UK and USA, making a real difference in the growth of their franchise networks and businesses as a whole.

UK franchise industry experts Lucy Maisey and Sally Anne Butters have been joined by Brad Fishman of US franchise PR giant, Fishman PR. Our collaboration brings a drive to help franchise brands gain momentum in their desired markets. Contact us to find out more!