Team Snap-on declares war on blood cancer!

Introducing Team Snap-on! The UK’s number one tool franchise are proud to announce their sponsorship of an elite cycling team in this year’s London to Paris charity bike ride.

The gallant training team is made up of 20 volunteers from across the UK. Team Snap-on’s official four riders will then take on the staggering 500km London to Paris ride in September!

Kicking off in the heart of London, the 4-day long bike ride will take Team Snap-on through the English countryside over to rural France and then on into the heart of Paris, where hundreds of cyclists will end their journey beneath the Eiffel Tower!

Team Snap-on Bloodwise have been fighting blood cancers since 1960. They fund world-class research and offer expert advice and support to anyone affected by leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancer related disorders.

Last year the Paris ride alone raised almost £500,000. This year, Team Snap-on are looking to help blow that figure out of the water! The fund-raising kicked off in May with a fabulous £250 being raised by team members attending the Eastbourne Lifeboat family fun day.

“We’re so proud to be able to sponsor the team help raise money for such an amazing cause. Many of our friends and loved ones here at Snap-on have been touched by one of the terrible diseases that Bloodwise is working tirelessly to eradicate. We’re one big family and the whole company, franchisees and head office alike, are going to be supporting our cyclists 100%, raising awareness and getting involved where we can… you might even catch us in some team shorts!” enthuses Lisa Law, Snap-on’s Franchise Manager

As well as the gruelling day-to-day training, the 20-strong training team will also be participating in numerous charity rides and organised sportives across the country. In total, the team expects to cover more than 20,000 miles during training. Anyone else’s legs aching at that thought?!

Watch out for the Team Snap-on jerseys on roads near you and please, lend your support to this amazing charity and team of inspirational riders.

Please give what you can to help this amazing charity bring an end to blood cancer.

Twitter: @TeamSnapon

7 deadly PR sins series: Wrath


Not to be confused with slagging off the competition! The PR sin of wrath focuses on how you conduct yourself when faced with negativity in a public forum which, let’s be honest, these days means mainly online.

We all know (or at least most of us do!) how to behave when networking or at industry events but, weirdly, when it comes to online and print mediums, the safety of being behind that laptop screen or pen can lead some of us to let loose our inner wrath. This is almost always detrimental to your personal profile and, consequently, your business.

There are 3 main triggers:

  • A negative review from a customer
  • Misquotes and factually incorrect statements
  • And, less common but it still happens: a poor write-up/expose from a journalist.

Don’t wait for it to happen!

When faced with any of the above, frustrations run high and that fury-filled monster rattles the bars on his cage. The key is not to let your initial personal feelings (usually anger, indignation… wrath) form the basis for your reaction and, ultimately, your responses. What can you do? It’s simple really…

As part of your PR strategy, you should always have a crisis plan. This is a company-wide policy that dictates how any negative PR is responded to, by whom and in what format. It will outline, step-by-step, what actions should be taken in the event of a potentially damaging comment or story.

Here are the main elements to consider when putting your crisis plan together:

  • Speed of response: a timely response is crucial. BUT leave emotions at the door, especially on social media where things can get out of hand very quickly. Leave ‘wrath’ at the door.
  • Who responds: decide who is going to represent your company in these situations and don’t fall foul of throwing employees under the bus by making them do it if someone has made a genuine mistake. A senior figure within the company is best as this subtly reassures not just the individual in question but also the general public that you take things seriously.
  • Tone of voice: the customer is always right. Remember hearing that and rolling your eyes? When it comes to negative PR you need to be singing that to yourself in your head as you craft your public response. No matter what you are actually feeling, apologise for the negative experience, faulty product, poor service; whatever the issue might be. And do so genuinely.
  • Making it right – there’s often the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a PR triumph. What can you do for your customer or client that they will genuinely value and has enough thought behind it for them to share the gesture with others? This does NOT mean throw money at them! Actions can be as insulting as words.

You will get a bad review at some point. Fact. It’s irresponsible to assume it’s never going to happen to you. We’re all human and people make genuine mistakes. How you handle it publicly can be more important and have a longer-lasting impact on your brand than the initial negativity. So, make a plan, make sure everyone knows exactly how to follow it and then get on with your business safe in the knowledge your inner wrath will stay safely in its cage.